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Thread: Working in Adult Films

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    Working in Adult Films

    How does one start working in films?

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    Re: Working in Adult Films

    Start at your local Regal Cinemas taking ticket stubs. Popcorn butterer is next.

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    Re: Working in Adult Films

    You need to live or be able to commute to studios that produce adult films for starters.

    After that, it depends what you are applying for. If you want to work behind the scenes you will in most cases require a degree in cinematography, TV production, and have some kind of experience in video equipment and editing software/equipment. If you actually want to be on set as an actor, you would have to go through a casting process to pick up a couple of extra roles. I heard the pay starting out is not that great. Few hundred dollars per shoot. You might land one or two shoots every two weeks until you are established enough to were a production company will pick you up for additional projects

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