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Thread: Plenty Of Fish Legal Trouble?

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    Plenty Of Fish Legal Trouble?

    I'm 44 years old and I was initiating conversation with woman in their 20s. POF does not allow people my age to search and find people of that age, so I made my age younger so I could talk to them, although I said right away what age I was. Believe it or not, in my head I didn't realize I was breaking their rules. But then I got a private message saying they were POF's legal team or something like that, and that my account was being audited, and my IP address might be permanently banned from making a new account if this one was deleted by them, and that I was under investigation for "corresponding with woman under 30." Then it said, "We suggest you seek legal counsel."

    In hindsight, what I was doing was immoral and unethical, but was it illegal? I can't sleep at night because I'm afraid cops are going to show up at my work or be waiting for me at home and I'm going to be arrested. Could that have been a fake account by some member just trying to scare me, or could it have been POF themselves trying to scare me, or do I have a legitimate concern here? What should I do?

    Needless to say I deleted my account immediately and will never go to that site again! Is that what they wanted, or could something happen to me?


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    Re: Plenty Of Fish Legal Trouble?

    theres no legal foot to step on most sites would have u beleave that singing a contract by clicking a box is binding, its not pm me if u have more q's but in most states they have no leg to stand on
    besides what would the charge be " breaking a conttract?" that a civil NOT a legal problem

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    Re: Plenty Of Fish Legal Trouble?

    Sounds like one of those scams where scammers scare people into sending them money. If they send a message wanting money to kill charges you should report their asses. Whatever their deal they are full of shit!

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