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    Teen Pics

    I was chatting with a young woman who indicated she was 18 on her profile. She wanted me to see what she looked like, and sent me some pics. After a few it was obvious she was not 18. They were normal pics...totally not adult in nature in any way. So what does the law say? If someone who is...say...15 send pictures of herself that are completely normal to someone who is over 18, is that against the law? Could you get nailed for that?


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    Re: Teen Pics

    The law says nothing because there's nothing to say. If she's fully dressed and not doing anything sexually inappropriate, then the pics by themselves are fine. Did you solicit the pics from her? Did you ask for them? If not, you're okay.

    That being said, if her family discovers that she is sending pics to you, while she is also sending inappropriate pics to other people, and they report it to law enforcement, you could very well be visited by a cyber crimes detective who casts his net far and wide for men who are preying on underage victims. The question for you then becomes, "How much damage can such a visit do to my personal and/or professional lives if said detective comes to my home or place of employment to ask me a few questions about me receiving pics from underage girls over the Internet?" You want your wife to answer that doorbell? Or answer that question in your open office cubicle? Just because the pics themselves are perfectly legal doesn't mean they can't hurt you.

    If you believe she's underage, stop talking to her and delete her pictures. That's really all you can do. Do anything else (like further engaging her or keeping the pics), then you are probably a bad guy who deserves to be caught and punished.

    The Internet can be a dangerous place, sometimes. Use it wisely.

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