To make a direct link to a YouTube video:
Locate the video in YouTube you want to link to
In the address bar of your browser is the information about the location of the file on YouTube
IE: http: //www youtube com/watch?v=cFcyXYui1xs&feature=rec
Copy the video file ID - the characters between 'watch?v=' and '&'
Sometimes there is no trailing & and info - just copy the eleven or so characters after the watch?v=
Click on the button in Off Topic
Put title information in the Title: box
Paste the file ID into the Message: box
Reselect the file ID and click on the YouTube icon in the Message box toolbar
You should see [ YT]cFcyXYui1xs[ /YT ] *without spaces and your link ID
You may also click on the first and paste the ID between the ][ brackets
Place any info before or after the link and click [Preview Post]
You should see the first frame of the video and your text as it will appear in your post
Make any changes you want then click [Submit New Thread]